06. Install first panel

It's not hard, but have patience and go slow.



With the provided adhesive, use your caulking gun to apply 6 dabs to the back of your panel. Think "tootsie roll" size.

WallPassions_Expressions_HowTo (1 of 1)-3.jpg


This first panel is very important. Peel off the three strips from the adhesive tape. This tape is sticky and will create a very strong adhesion to your wall upon contact. 



Start by lining up the top of your panel to the level line you drew. Once you feel that this is level with the line, lightly set the piece against the wall. Do not apply too much pressure yet.


Grab your level and make sure the piece is level. If so, apply strong pressure to the board and make sure it sticks well.

If this did not go well, do your best to remove the panel from the wall. We recommend starting with a new piece to ensure the best adhesion.