02. What's in the box?

I'm sure you ripped open this box right when the FedEx person delivered it, but if you have been patient, now would be the time to cut open the box and check out what's inside. 

You will see 25 square feet of beautiful hardwood panels. They all have 3 strips of adhesive tape on the back that will allow you to install without any nails, screws, or glue. Also provided is a container of construction adhesive.

This is made of real wood and for best results the wood should be acclimated to your home environment for at least 5 days before you install.

NOTE: We do not recommend Expressions be installed in high humidity areas such as bathrooms or saunas. 

If any panels are bowed or warped, contact returns@wallpassions.com and we will be sure to send you out a new shipment immediately.